Insolvency guidance resources updated

Throughout 2021, we explored ways to make our formal insolvency guidance easier to navigate and use. This project formed part of a wider strategic goal to drive willing compliance and engagement, as outlined in the Personal Insolvency Compliance Program 2021-22.

As part of the project, we developed a proposal paper and conducted a wide-ranging survey. Having considered stakeholder feedback, the following four changes have been made to our insolvency guidance: 

  1. Guidance documents renamed – the statutory prefixes in the title of the guidance documents have been removed and retained as an internal reference appearing underneath the title.
  2. Merger of guidance documents – some guidance documents had been merged to avoid duplication.
  3. Filters – filters have been introduced to allow filtering by user type, guidance type and subject.
  4. A-Z index – an A-Z subject index of the guidance documents has been introduced with links to relevant guidance, forms and legislation.

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