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Lodgement of Notification of First Meeting with the Inspector-General 

Advertising of creditor meeting, including notifying the I-G of first creditor meeting called under section 73 or Part X of the Act, can only be lodged online using AFSA online service portal.

AFSA online services portal will enable trustees and their staff to:

  • Lodge a request to publish meeting of creditors online
  • Save incomplete applications and access them later
  • Copy existing applications
  • Make online payment with multiple payment options
  • Comply with section 75-40 of the Insolvency Practice Rule

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Subsection 75-40(2) of the Rules requires the trustee of a debtor's regulated estate to lodge notice of the first meeting called under section 73 or Part X of the Act with the Inspector-General in accordance with the approved form.

Subsection 75-40(4) of the Rules provides that details of a notice of meeting lodged with the Inspector-General under subsection (2) must be published on a website maintained by the Inspector-General.

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