Incident and support forms

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Incident report form

This form can be used to log an incident or fault with one of AFSA's Online Services:

  • Bankruptcy online
  • Bankruptcy Register Search (BRS)
  • Request for consent to travel overseas
  • AAR Online
  • Creditor bankruptcy notices (Online Services)

Incident report form

Annual administration return (AAR) support form

This form can be used for enquiries relating to:

  • change of practitioner contact details (in AAR only)
  • missing or incorrect administrations listed as requiring an AAR
  • over-payment/refund requests
  • joint trustee payments
  • amendments to previous year returns
  • late lodgement, extensions, compliance, and calculations

AAR support form

Debt agreements online support form

This form can be used by insolvency practitioners and creditors for support queries about AFSA’s debt agreements online platform.

Debt agreement online support form

Business to Government (B2G) support request form

This form can be used to report issues or request support for B2G system integration.

B2G support request form

OR notices online

For any queries or support please send an email to