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Form type

Information on how to access the Bankruptcy Form. To apply for bankruptcy you will need to complete a Bankruptcy Form online. 

Form 8 - proof of debt (POD). A form for creditors for detailing debts and supporting information.

To request confirmation that your bankruptcy has ended or you want to know when it’s expected to end complete this form.

Overseas travel request form. Form to request permission to travel overseas while you are bankrupt.

Separate pages for the addition of extra information in the Bankruptcy Form are available for downloading, completing and submitting with your Bankruptcy Form.

Form 29 - application for approval of trustee remuneration. Trustees can use this form to apply to the Inspector General to approve remuneration.

Form 26 - application for surrender of registration as a registered debt agreement administrator (RDAA).

Form 25 - change of conditions on practising as a registered debt agreement administrator.

Form 24B - application for registration as a debt agreement administrator (DAA)—company. A form for companies applying to become a debt agreement administrator.

Form 24A - application for registration as a debt agreement administrator (DAA)—individual. A form for individuals applying to become a DAA.

Form 22 - revocation of supervised account notice (SAN). A form to notify a debtor that the supervised account regime no longer applies.

Form 21 - supervised account notice (SAN). A notice advising to open a supervised account.

Form 20 - supervised account notice (SAN) determination. A notice advising a bankrupt that a supervised account regimes applies to her or him.

An attachment for form 20 supervised account regime 139ZIC.

Form 19 - Notice of completion, variation, termination or setting aside of a PIA (Part X), composition or scheme of arrangement (Part IV).