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Form type

Practitioners can use this form when paying amounts to the Commonwealth pursuant to subsection 254(2) of the Bankruptcy Act 1966.

Public document search form. Request to inspect a public document that is held by us.

Form 11 application for change of conditions on practising as a registered trustee (RT). A form for changing conditions as a practising registered trustee.

Form 35 - Notice by an industry body of possible grounds for disciplinary action

To send us a compliment or complaint about your registered trustee (RT), official trustee (OT), debt agreement administrator (DAA) or AFSA complete this form.

A form for current debt agreement administrators to renew their registration.

Form 24B application for registration as a debt agreement administrator (DAA)—company. A form for companies applying to become a debt agreement administrator.

Review of income application form. Complete this form if you would like to request a review of the assessment of your liability for income contributions.

A tip-off can relate to a suspected wrongdoing, criminal misconduct, dishonesty or fraud, and informs us in a confidential way.

Form 29 application for approval of trustee remuneration. Trustees can use this form to apply to the Inspector General to approve remuneration. 

Form 34 - Trustee requests to the Inspector-General relating to registration

Form 28 application for review of trustee remuneration. Debtors and creditors can use this form to apply for a review of a trustee’s remuneration. 

One of your obligations when bankrupt is to keep your trustee informed of any changes in your income or employment.

Form 23 request refund of realisations (RC) or interest charge (IC). A form to request a refund for realisations or interest charges.

Form 10 application for registration as a trustee. Use this form to apply for registration as a trustee in bankruptcy.