A creditor is still contacting me about a debt

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A creditor is still contacting me about a debt

Normally creditors are not able to demand payment for most debts included in your bankruptcy. Sometimes companies sell their debts to debt collection agencies, who may not be aware you are bankrupt.

You are liable for debts you incur after the start date of your bankruptcy.
For more information see: What happens to my debts

If a creditor is still contacting you for a debt you have included in your bankruptcy, take the following steps:

1.    Tell them you’re bankrupt and provide your AFSA administration number and start date.
2.    Ask if the creditor has sold to a debt collection agency (if so, inform your trustee).
3.    Check if the creditor is referring to the same debt that's listed in your bankruptcy.
4.    Refer the creditor to your trustee to confirm your bankruptcy.

If you are not able to resolve this directly with the creditor, contact your trustee. For more information about dealing with your creditors and debt collectors see: ASIC's MoneySmart.

If you forgot to list a debt in your bankruptcy, or your debt was sold to a debt collection agency, see: Add a debt to my bankruptcy