Can my trustee extend my bankruptcy?

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Can my trustee extend my bankruptcy?

In some cases, your trustee may object to your bankruptcy ending. We call this an objection to discharge. Your bankruptcy could be extended up to 8 years if you fail to:

  • provide information to your trustee
  • disclose all income
  • make compulsory payments
  • explain how you spent money
  • reveal all assets and debts.

What if I want to request a review?

You can request a review of, or appeal, your trustee's decision by completing and lodging a Request for review form.

For more information see Request for review.

Once we receive your request for review:

  • we’ll reply to your request
  • we may ask you to provide further information or evidence
  • we’ll provide a written explanation of any decisions made
  • if required, we’ll explain further ways to appeal.