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Request for review

The Inspector-General is responsible for dealing with reviews of certain decisions made by trustees in bankruptcy, including the Official Trustee, under the Bankruptcy Act 1966.

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The decisions that can be reviewed are:

  1. Filing a notice of objection to discharge
  2. Issuing an income contribution assessment
  3. Deciding on or refusing to consider a hardship application with respect to an income contribution assessment
  4. Using a supervised bank account to collect income contributions
  5. Paying trustee’s remuneration and third party costs

Review decisions made by the Inspector-General can be further appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in certain circumstances.

The Inspector-General does not, however, have the authority to review other decisions made by trustees such as selling an asset or admitting or rejecting a proof of debt. These decisions can only be reviewed by the Federal Court.

Review forms

The following forms should be used if requesting a review of an objection to discharge or a review of income contributions. All other review requests should be made in writing and accompanied by the appropriate documentation. Read more in Can I Appeal?

You can send your request for review using on of the following methods:

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