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What is AAR Online?

Annual administration returns (AAR) Online is used by insolvency practitioners (debt agreement administrators, controlling trustees and registered trustees) to:

  • calculate the realisations charge for monies received by administrators and trustees
  • make realisations and interest charge payments
  • lodge annual administration returns (at any time, such as upon finalisation, or at the end of the financial year)
  • generate a certificate of appointment
  • manage various account and staff/user management activities.

How to access AAR Online

Username and password

You can access AAR online using a registered username and password account.

Digital Identity

Alternatively, you can access AAR online with your Digital Identity.

Digital Identity is a simple, safe, and secure way of proving who you are when you want to access services online. Set it up once, and then reuse it whenever you are asked to prove who you are. One of the benefits is that you don’t need to remember passwords.

To learn more about it, refer to the Digital Identity website.

For further information on how to access AAR online using your Digital Identity, refer to Online user management guides

Overview of user accounts and roles

Once AFSA completes the initial set up of practitioners and their firms, their AAR online user accounts can be self-managed.

Admin user

  • A practitioner firm must have at least one Admin user.
  • An Admin user account is provided if:
    • AFSA has pre-registering the user with this authorisation
    • It was created for a Digital Identity user
  • · An Admin User for a practitioner firm can:
    • Create username and password employee users
    • Unlock (or disable) users
    • Manage contact details of accounts
    • Delegate authority to employees to also manage/create users
  • · An Admin user account cannot:
    • Grant permission for employee user accounts to perform certain online services functions (e.g. view a practitioner’s AAR data or lodge AARs on their behalf) unless they are also a Practitioner user.

Practitioner user

  • Practitioner users can only be registered by AFSA
  • A trustee, person with overall management responsibility (POMR) or debt agreement administrator (practitioner) can:
    • Perform all AAR Online functions for their own practitioner account
    • Authorise users associated to their practitioner account to perform certain AAR Online functions, such as view or lodge AARs on behalf of a practitioner
  • Create employee users for their practitioner firm.

Staff/employee user

  • Admin users can create additional employee users for AAR Online practitioner firms
  • An employee user can:
    • View / amend their username and password
    • View other users associated to their employer
    • Be authorised to create / manage other users for their practitioner firm (delegated by an Admin user)
  • Be authorised to perform certain AAR Online functions, such as view or lodge AARs on behalf of a practitioner (delegated by the practitioner)