Complaints and reviews


If you are dissatisfied with our performance, service or the behaviour of an employee we encourage you to lodge a complaint.

We treat complaints about our services seriously

Our commitment is to investigate and try to resolve concerns that are raised with us. We learn from this and aim to improve our practices. We will investigate complaints promptly, professionally, fairly and consistently.

If you wish to complain about AFSA’s service

We encourage you to first contact the AFSA employee who you have been dealing with to resolve your issue. If you are not comfortable with this or are not satisfied with their response, you should ask to speak to that employee’s manager.

Alternatively, you can lodge a complaint with us.

If you wish to complain about a trustee or administrator handling an administration

Please refer to Resolving complaints against trustees and debt agreement administrators.


AFSA may review some decisions made by trustees and administrators.

Request for review

The Inspector-General is responsible for dealing with reviews of certain decisions made by trustees in bankruptcy, including the Official Trustee, under the Bankruptcy Act 1966.

Read more in Can I Appeal?

The decisions that can be reviewed are:

  • Filing a notice of objection to discharge
  • Issuing an income contribution assessment
  • Deciding on or refusing to consider a hardship application with respect to an income contribution assessment
  • Using a supervised bank account to collect income contributions
  • Paying trustee’s remuneration and third-party costs

Review decisions made by the Inspector-General can be further appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in certain circumstances.

The Inspector-General does not, however, have the authority to review other decisions made by trustees such as selling an asset or admitting or rejecting a proof of debt. These decisions can only be reviewed by the Federal Court.

Review forms

Use one of the  following forms to request a review of an objection to discharge or a review of income contributions.




All other review requests must be made in writing and accompanied by the appropriate documentation. Read more in Can I Appeal?


Then send it to us either by:


Contact us if you have any further questions.