Can I add a debt to my bankruptcy?

It's important you include all your debts when applying for bankruptcy. If you forgot to include any debts, you must notify your trustee as soon as you become aware.

If a creditor is still pursuing you for a debt see: A creditor is still contacting me about a debt.

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Can I add a debt I forgot to include?

Yes, normally you can if you incurred this debt before you went bankrupt. You need to provide the details to your trustee. If your trustee is the Official Trustee (AFSA), complete our online form below.

Your trustee then notifies your creditor/s (who you owe money to). If you incur a debt after your bankruptcy starts, you still have to pay this debt.

For further assistance with debts that you can't manage, you can speak to a free financial counsellor. 

To speak with a free financial counsellor contact the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007. For more information on financial counsellors and other support services see Where to find help.

Can I update a debt?

Yes you can. For example, you weren't sure of the exact amount of debt or another organisation purchases the debt.

Contact your trustee with this information so they can update your records.

If your trustee is the Official Trustee (AFSA) complete our online form below.

Did I include this debt?

When you apply for bankruptcy, you should receive a letter from us with all your listed creditors and amounts. Creditors can also add debts to your bankruptcy. If you need a copy of this letter, or a current list of creditors, contact your trustee to request it.

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If your trustee is the Official Trustee (AFSA) update us now.