Register of trustees

This page shows a list of currently registered trustees. To view a list of trustees that are no longer registered see de-registered trustees

Trustees can use form 33 to update their contact details shown on our website.

Name Company State
Allen, Paul PKF Melbourne VIC
Ambrose, Colin Ambrose & Co SA
Amirbeaggi, Shabnam Crouch Amirbeaggi NSW
Anderson, Gary WA Insolvency Solutions WA
Aravanis, Andrew Aravanis NSW
Badge, Michael Badge RT VIC
Bagala, Antonio (Anthony) DVT Group NSW
Bailey, Liam O'Brien Palmer NSW
Barnden, Andrew Rodgers Reidy Chartered Accountants NSW
Barnet, Kate Olvera Advisors Pty Ltd NSW
Baskerville, Christopher Jirsch Sutherland Advisory & Consulting QLD
Beck, Michael Worrells QLD
Bowcher, Andrew RSM Australia Partners NSW
Brace, Timothy SV Partners VIC
Bredenkamp, Daniel Pitcher Partners Accountants and Advisors WA Pty Ltd WA
Brennan, Michael Offermans Partners QLD
Brushe, David Jon BDO Business Restructuring Pty Ltd QLD
Burness, Paul Worrells VIC
Cant, Anthony Romanis Cant Chartered Accountants VIC
Carrafa, Michael SV Partners VIC
Carrello, Giovanni (John) BRI Ferrier WA WA
Carter, Moira BRI Ferrier NQ QLD
Carter, Nick QLD
Castley, Anthony William Buck QLD
Chamberlain, Christopher Chamberlains SBR Chartered Accountants NSW
Chubb, Morgan Clout Advisory NSW
Clark, Alexander Aravanis NSW
Clout, David David Clout & Associates NSW, QLD
Colbran, Jonathon RSM Australia Partners ACT
Collins, Gerald BDO Business Restructuring Pty Ltd QLD
Combis, Nick Vincents Chartered Accountants QLD
Condon, Schon Condon Associates NSW
Cook, Christopher Worrells QLD
Cook, Paul Paul Cook & Associates TAS
Cooper, Nicholas Oracle Insolvency Services NT, SA, VIC, WA
Corrigan, Clare Clare Coorigan Personal Insolvency NSW
Cotter, William Robson Cotter Insolvency Group QLD
Cronan, Jason SV Partners QLD
Crouch, Nicholas Crouch Amirbeaggi NSW
Cull, Innis Pitcher Partners VIC
Cvitanovic, Daniel Worrells Solvency + Forensic Accountants NSW
Dixon, Peter Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu TAS
Dixon, Stephen Hamilton Murphy Advisory VIC
Donnelly, Max KPMG NSW
Downey, James J P Downey & Co VIC
Dudley, Gregory RSM Australia Partners WA
Duncan, Stephen Duncan Powell SA
Dunn, Joanne FTI Consulting QLD
Erskine, Robyn Brooke Bird VIC
Ferguson, Robert Ferguson Hannam Chartered Accountants SA
Field, Malcolm SV Partners WA
Fordyce, Ann Pilot Partners QLD
Francis, Ian FTI Consulting WA
Free, Stewart Jirsch Sutherland & Co NSW
Fryer, Nicholas Sheahan Lock Partners SA
Giasoumi, Nicholas Dye & Co Pty Ltd VIC
Gidley, Paul Shaw Gidley NSW
Glavas, Ivan Worrells VIC
Gleeson, Bruce Jones Partners NSW
Goggin, John Worrells (Cairns) QLD