Income contributions calculator

Use this calculator as a guide to estimate the compulsory payments you may need to pay during bankruptcy.

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What are contributions?

If your trustee determines you are earning over the income set amount, they'll ask you to make compulsory payments (also called income contributions). The amount you may need to pay depends on your income and how many dependants you have. Your trustee can use these contributions to help repay your debts.

If you do need to make compulsory payments, they are 50% of the amount you earn above the income threshold.

Your trustee will tell you how and when you need to make payments. If you have any questions about these payments, contact your trustee.

For more information see: Official Trustee Practice Statement 1 - Income contributions.

What is a dependant?

We classify a dependant as someone who meets all of the following criteria:

How to use the calculator

  1. Select either annual or fortnightly period.
  2. Enter your after-tax/Medicare levy income for the period.
    • * Some people have payments such as salary-sacrifice and HECS/HELP loan repayments taken out of their pre-tax income. These payments are considered income and need to be included in your income amount.
  3. Enter the number of dependants you have.
  4. Select Calculate.


When using this tool, keep in mind that the calculator:

  • provides an estimate only of the income contributions that you could be liable for.
  • is for general use only and is not a determination of your final liability. 
  • relies on you correctly identifying all income (as defined by the Bankruptcy Act 1966) that you will receive from all sources.
  • does not cover certain payments that could vary your assessable income, such as child support payments.

 For further information contact us.

Estimate your contributions

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