Serve a legal document on AFSA

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Serving legal documents

To serve legal document such as a Court Order, Summons, Tribunal documents other originating documents, Notice to Produce or Subpoena on the:

  • Australian Financial Security Authority
  • Chief Executive of the Australian Financial Security Authority
  • Inspector-General in Bankruptcy
  • Official Trustee in Bankruptcy or
  • Official Receiver
  • Registrar of Personal Property Securities

You can email your legal documents to This is our preferred option.

If you are unable to email, you can post your legal documents to:

Australian Financial Security Authority
GPO Box 821
Canberra ACT 2600

Bankruptcy Documents Filing Requirements

To lodge documents, make applications or notify events to the Official Receiver or Inspector-General in Bankruptcy see filing requirements.

To find a form see AFSA forms list.

Personal Property Securities Filing Requirements

To lodge documents, forms or applications under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009, please email

To find a form see PPSR Forms