Beware of AFSA impersonation scams

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Beware of AFSA Impersonation Scams

If you get an unexpected email, letter, fax, SMS, or phone call from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), be careful. It might be a scam designed to trick you into paying money.

If you think you've been scammed, call us right away at 1300 364 785 (8.30am–8.00pm EST, Monday -Friday).

We will sometimes contact you by phone, email, SMS and post. If you’re not sure whether it’s really us, contact us to check and do not reply or click on any links.

Reporting other scams

If you've been scammed in a different way, like someone trying to get your personal information, report it to SCAMwatch online.

If you've been a victim of cybercrime like hacking, online scams or fraud, identity theft, or an attack on your computer, you can report it online to ReportCyber.

Identifying AFSA impersonation scams in emails and letters

Scammers might try to trick you with emails and letters that look like they're from AFSA, complete with the AFSA logo and address. They might claim that you need to pay money to approve the transfer of large sums of money into your bank account. 

Be careful because these are designed to trick you into paying money. See the example below for things to look out for such as poor grammar, spelling errors, use of all capital letters and figures in USD.

Example image of scam fraud letter