Statistics release schedule

Expected release dates of personal insolvency statistics.

We publish all statistics release dates in advance. Statistics are generally released at 11am on the advertised release date. In some circumstances, release dates may change. We advertise any changes by updating our statistics release schedule.

Provisional statistics and Business and non-business statistics

Publication Release date
March quarter 2019 Wednesday 8 May 2019
June quarter 2019 and 2018-19
financial year
Tuesday 30 July 2019
September quarter 2019 Tuesday 29 October 2019
December quarter 2019 Tuesday 4 February 2020

Regional personal insolvency statistics

Quarter Release date
March quarter 2019 Tuesday 14 May  2019
June quarter 2019 Tuesday 6 August 2019
September quarter 2019 Thursday 7 November 2019
December quarter 2019 Tuesday 11 February 2020

Please note: National statistics on the number of businesses, as disclosed by debtors on their statement of affairs, will be available on request.