Creditor bankruptcy notices register as an individual

As an individual creditor you can register to use creditor bankruptcy notices online services then complete your proof of identity to gain access.

Protecting your identity and preventing identity theft is important to us. For this reason, after registering, you will need to prove your identity to gain full access to online services.

The online proof of identity service allows you to securely submit your identity details for verification. To prove your identity you must complete a 60-point identification check.

Step 1 Register as a new individual user

Go to the Creditor bankruptcy notices - online services login page and on the top right hand side of the page choose the “Register as a individual” link. Complete the required fields and select “Register”. After registering as a new user you will be given the option to proceed to complete your proof of identity online or defer to a later time. If you choose to defer your proof of identity you may login to Online Services to draft and save applications; however you will be unable to submit until your identity is verified. A link will be available on your Online Services dashboard to compete your Proof of Identity online at any time.

Step 2 Submit your proof of identity

Choose your identity documents to submit from the list of primary identity documents to meet the 60-point check, then submit your proof of identity using the online proof of identity service.

Step 3 Gain full access

Once you have registered as an individual user of creditor bankruptcy notices online services and your identity has been verified you can proceed to draft, save and submit applications.

List of primary identity documents (60 points required)



Australian Passport
Australian passport must be current or have expired within the last 24 months.


Australian Birth Certificate
Australian Birth Certificate, (extract or birth card accepted).


Australian Citizenship Certificate
If Australian Citizenship Certificate is under a parent’s name you must supply a copy of the front and back of the document if your name is listed on the back.


Australian Visa (including copy of overseas passport)
Australian visa document must be current and you must supply a copy of the visa and the overseas passport associated with the visa, showing your name and passport number.


Change of Name Certificate
Legal change of name certificate or deed poll certificate issued by a state or territory government agency.


Australian Marriage Certificate
Must be an Australian Marriage Certificate issued by a state or territory government agency.

Cannot accept: church or celebrant issued certificates.


Immigration Card
Current immigration card - Permanent Residence Evidence Card (PRE), Evidence of Immigration Status Card (EIS) or Evidence of Humanitarian Status Card (EHS).


Australian Drivers Licence
Australian Driver Licence – current state or territory issued drivers licence, learner permit or provisional licence showing signature and/or photo.

Cannot accept: overseas licence or international drivers licence. These are accepted as other overseas documents in the secondary documents list.


Medicare Card
Medicare card must be current.