Service documentation

Service documentation supporting system integration with Online Services.

The audience for the documents listed is any organisation that will be building our services into their products or business systems. Typically this will be software application developers.

Readers should be familiar with the following:

Web Service Gateway Guide

The Web Service Gateway Guide (WSGG) describes the generic technical service highlighting differences with SBR and the use of the SDK.

The technical service documentation describes how external software systems must communicate with us. This includes the security requirements, transport protocols, error management and content container. By using the provided SDK the technical service features will already be implemented.

Message Implementation Guides

Message Implementation Guides (MIGs) provide the entry point for detailed information about how to implement specific business services.

The MIG describes the high level business context of the service, operations that are offered in each business service and the request / response business messages that are part of each operation.

The operations and business messages are described within the MIG but are authoritatively defined by XML schemas.

The following MIGs describe services that are currently under development. A contract first approach has been taken whereby our implementation will fulfil the contract as defined by the relevant schemas.

We will prioritise implementation of the operations within a MIG based on transaction volume and client demand.