Development tools

Development tools supporting system integration with Online Services.

The following technical artefacts are designed to support software developers to integrate with Online Services.

  • The XML schemas define the valid content of the business messages.
  • The information contained in the B2G onboarding pack assists developers in creating valid technical messages that carry the business message.

Currently the XML schemas for the debt agreement service and National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) search are available for review online and to download.  Clients can download a B2G onboarding pack now and will be issued with a test AUSkey and information sheet when applying for access to AFSA’s B2G integration environment. Find out more about AFSA’s B2G registration steps.

The schemas below describe services currently under development. A contract first approach has been taken whereby our implementation will fulfil the contract as defined by the relevant schemas.

Efforts will be taken to maintain the stability of the interface currently described and any required changes to schemas will be advertised here. Changes will be versioned as per the approach described in the Web Service Gateway Guide.

NPII Search

NPII Search XML Schema Definition provided as a ZIP file to download.

NPII schema documentation as HTML web pages to view.