AFSA B2G registration steps

How to establish a business to government connection (B2G) with us.

  1. Complete the Application for Access to AFSA’s B2G Integration Environment and submit to info [at]
  2. Register for a Device AUSkey for your organisation/business with the Australian Business Register (ABR). This will be required for use in Production, if you do not already have one. The Australian Business Number (ABN) your Device AUSkey uses must be the same ABN registered in Step 7 and 8. It will be used by us to identify your organisation.  For more information about AUSkey please visit the AUSkey website.
  3. Download the B2G Onboarding Pack for the B2G service you wish to use.
  4. We will send you a test AUSkey and information sheet, which will include the integration environment URL.
  5. Build your B2G interface to our system.
  6. Test your B2G interface against our B2G Integration environment.
  7. Register for an online account. You must register using AUSkey or if you already have a username/password registration with us for AAR or BRS, please advise us of your account and ABN.
  8. Complete the Application for Access to AFSA's B2G production environment and submit to info [at]
  9. We will advise when your Production B2G account has been activated.
  10. Set up an account for the Device AUSkey:
    1. Make a B2G call using the Device AUSkey.  The call will fail because the Device is not yet authorised. However, this will create the Device user account with us on its first use. To ensure subsequent calls are successful the administrator registration (set up in step 7) must grant B2G authorisation to the Device.
  11. Grant B2G authorisation to the Device AUSkey user account:
    1. Log into online services using the administrator user registration created in step 7.
    2. Select the Device AUSkey user account and allocate access for the AUSkey account to perform B2G functions.