B2G system integration

Online Services system-to-system integration enables you to make seamless submissions from your own business systems.

We understand that many organisations have their own ICT systems supporting their business processes. For this reason we are developing our Business to Government (B2G) channel.

The B2G channel is a service that enables authorised clients to transact with us from their own systems over the internet. Whilst most users will use the web interface to access Online Services, some organisations may benefit from a direct B2G connection from their internal systems.

A B2G interface allows a business to integrate their workflows and business systems with the transactional functionality offered by us. The B2G channel is provided via web services over an Internet Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session.

The B2G channel is provided on the basis that clients will develop their own Application Programming Interface (API) to us and have the resources to support their functionality into the future.

Functions supported / not supported by B2G

The B2G channel will only support those submissions and operations for which there is likely or demonstrated demand. The cost of system integration is typically only justified by high volume transactions.

The Service documentation section contains the Web Service Gateway Guide (WSGG) and the Message Implementation Guides (MIGs) for each planned B2G service

The Development tools section contains technical artefacts such as the schemas to support software development.

The B2G channel will not support the initial registration and account creation process. Online Service accounts must be created and maintained via the web interface.