Completing the Bankruptcy Form

This page has information about how to access, complete and submit your Bankruptcy Form once you’ve created your Bankruptcy Online account.

To apply for bankruptcy, you’ll need to complete and submit a Bankruptcy Form. This form – (which combines the previous Debtor’s Petition and Statement of Affairs) must be completed accurately for AFSA to accept your application.

If you’ve been made bankrupt by a creditor, you will also be able to submit your Bankruptcy Form through the online portal. 

Downloading the Bankruptcy Form

Once you’ve created an account on Bankruptcy Online and completed your proof of identity, you can then download a copy of the Bankruptcy Form. 

To do this select the ‘Download a copy of the bankruptcy form’ button.

The Bankruptcy Form works best when using Adobe Reader. If you have trouble you may need the latest version of Adobe Reader DC. Download it here:

Save the form on your computer or device. 

Once saved, you can fill in your form and save changes as you go.

Completing the Bankruptcy Form

To complete the Bankruptcy Form you’ll need details such as your:

•    income (such as employment, pension or Centrelink
•    assets (such as car, real estate, etc)
•    employment 
•    bank details
•    debts. 

You can complete the form at your own pace – by saving changes and continuing later.

It’s important that you answer all the questions in the form.

If you need help with understanding what the questions mean, you can contact us or get help from a free financial counsellor who can help you complete the form.

Once you’ve finished completing the form and you are ready to apply for bankruptcy, save your form and move to the next step to Submit your Bankruptcy Form. 

Additional pages

If you need more room to complete any of the questions within your Bankruptcy Form, you can download additional pages from Additional Pages -  Bankruptcy Form.

Understanding the Bankruptcy Form

The Bankruptcy Form has the following sections:

Pages i-ii

Important information about bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Form.

Page iii

Prescribed information which you must read prior to submitting your Bankruptcy Form.

Sections A-D

Your personal details, employment and income, debts, money and bank accounts and general personal assets.

Sections E-J

Your real estate, financial assets, money owed to you, assets owned by others that you may have contributed to, asset transfers, any other secured creditors, business, companies and trusts, any legal action and any proceeds of crime.

Section K

How you are submitting your form.

Sections L-N

Declaration about the information you have entered in the Bankruptcy Form.

Examples of completed Bankruptcy Forms

Application to suppress certain information from the NPII

If you believe your safety is at risk by publishing your address or other information on the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) you may apply to have the address hidden. To do this, you must submit your request at the same time as your Bankruptcy Form.

For more information on eligibility and how to make a request see Can I hide my details that appear on the National Personal Insolvency Index?

Submitting your Bankruptcy Form

When you have completed your Bankruptcy Form and are ready to apply for bankruptcy, you can now submit your application using Bankruptcy Online.

Make sure you have all documents including your Bankruptcy Form and any supporting documents saved as a PDF before you start.

Remember, the consequences of bankruptcy are serious and cannot be cancelled if you change your mind. Make sure you read and understand what bankruptcy is and seek advice before submitting your Bankruptcy Form.

Upload and submit your completed Bankruptcy Form

Step 1: Log into your Bankruptcy Online account and select Submit completed bankruptcy form.

Do not navigate away from this screen until you have completed the submission process.

Step 2: Select your bankruptcy type – either voluntary or court ordered (where a creditor has made your bankrupt).

• If you're applying for bankruptcy voluntarily, select which state you reside in.

• If you have been made bankrupt already by a court order, enter your bankruptcy administration number (e.g. VIC 1111/11/1).

Step 3: To upload your bankruptcy form select 'Choose file' and select your Bankruptcy Form from your saved documents. You can only upload a PDF document.

Are you uploading additional question pages of the Bankruptcy Form?

If you ran out of room and needed to include an additional page for any of the questions, you should upload these at the same time as your Bankruptcy Form.

The total file size limit for all documents that can be uploaded is 21MB.

Once you are satisfied that you have uploaded the correct document(s) select Next.

Step 4: Review and Submit your Bankruptcy Form documents.

Read and agree that the information you've provided is correct and complete and you have not provided false or misleading information. Select Submit.

You should now see a confirmation message with a reference number. This is the number you can use if you need to contact us for any reason.

We will then review your application and email you the outcome of your application within 7 business days.

Check the status of your bankruptcy application

You can log in to your Bankruptcy Online account to check the status of your bankruptcy application at any time.

Status options that you may see include:


We have accepted your form and a bankruptcy number will be provided as your new reference number. Submitted – this means you have successfully submitted the form to us for assessment. 


We are currently reviewing your form.


We have rejected your application. The reasons we have rejected your form will be sent to your email address.


We require more information from you to accept your form. The additional information you need to provide will be sent to your email address. 


You have chosen to withdraw your application and that AFSA can no longer assess your form. 

Have you made a mistake or forgotten to include some information? 

If you have made a mistake, need to include additional information or would like to withdraw your form, please contact us for help.