Business areas

Insolvency and Trustee Services

Provides information to debtors on options to deal with unmanageable debt, assesses and registers bankruptcy, debt agreement and personal insolvency agreement applications from debtors and registered court-ordered insolvency administrations. It also issues bankruptcy notices on the application of creditors, and exercises statutory powers of the Official Receiver to obtain information and recover monies on the application of trustees administering insolvent estates.

Enforcement and Practitioner Supervision

Operates independently from our other functional roles, discharging the regulatory and review responsibilities of the Inspector-General in Bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Act. The enforcement function is responsible for investigating alleged offences under the Bankruptcy Act and contraventions of the Personal Property Securities Act.

Chief Operating Officer Group

Coordinates and delivers key business enabling services including executive support, communications, electronic service delivery, records and knowledge management, financial management, information and communications technology, human resource management, contract and property management and client contact services.

Legal and Governance

Provides legal advice and support to all of our operations. In addition to providing specialist advice on bankruptcy, personal property securities and proceeds of crime legislation, the business line also provides advice on administrative law, contracts and other matters relevant to corporate governance.