Online services availability

Maintenance of AFSA’s online services is scheduled for the last Sunday of every month (excluding December) from 6am to 6pm (AEST/ AEDT).

During the maintenance period the following services are unavailable:

  • Practitioner AER Online
  • Bankruptcy Register Search
  • Creditor Bankruptcy Notices
  • Online Travel Application Form
  • Online contact forms
  • Personal Insolvency Reporting System (PIRS)
  • Debt Agreements Online
  • OR Notices Online

The following Business to Government (B2G)  services are also unavailable during this time:

  • NPII B2G (also called BRS B2G, Direct Search B2G)
  • Debt Agreements B2G
  • PIRS B2G

Other scheduled outages

The services above will be unavailable from 5pm to 11pm on Wednesday, 17 January 2018 (AEDT); and 6pm on 19 January to 6pm 21 January 2018 (AEDT).

Unscheduled outages

If online services are unavailable due to an unscheduled outage we will advise through a message on the AFSA website homepage.