PPSR quarterly statistics

We publish quarterly statistics on the operation of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

Download the data

This zip file contains the full set of quarterly PPSR statistics we have published for the December quarter 2019. Associated commentary and charts are drawn exclusively from this data set. Individual links to all tables packaged in the zip file are provided on this page.

Full data set:

Time series revisions

We publish statistics on PPSR transactions (searches and registrations) by month from the December quarter 2017. We have updated the time series spreadsheets to include this monthly breakdown, and revised previous data.

We publish statistics on PPSR transactions to amend registrations by type and month from the June quarter 2019. We updated the “Activity regarding PPSR registrations” time series spreadsheet to include this monthly breakdown, and revised previous data on total amendments. Data on transactions to create and discharge registrations were not affected.

These revisions replace previously published information.

Full report

For the full report, see Report: December 2019 PPSR quarterly statistics.

Further information

For further information, please read the Guide to the PPSR statistics.

Time series

The time series for the PPSR quarterly statistics is available in CSV format.

*Note: from 1 July 2015, only account users are able to create registrations on the PPSR. The CSV file has been revised to reflect this change, starting with the September quarter 2015 release.