Business and non-business statistics

We publish a breakdown of business and non-business personal insolvency statistics for bankrupts, debt agreement debtors and personal insolvency agreement debtors.

Download the data

This zip file contains the full set of business and non-business personal insolvency statistics we have published for the June quarter 2020. Associated commentary and graphs are drawn exclusively from this data set. Individual links to all tables packaged in the file are provided on this page.

Break in series – September quarter 2019

The Bankruptcy Amendment (Debt Agreement Reform) Act 2018 received Royal Assent on Thursday 27 September 2018. The majority of the amendments commenced on 27 June 2019. These reforms are a break in series for our statistical publications.

For more information, see Debt agreements law reform – Statistics.

Changes to business and non-business statistics

The new Bankruptcy Online system commenced on 2 January 2020 and introduced changes to the Statement of Affairs form. This changes the way we calculate and publish personal insolvency statistics from the March quarter 2020.

We have revised business and non-business statistics time series from September quarter 2007. Historical time series are available as a zip file on the time series page for the coming year. The historical time series is also available on

For more information, see change to business and non-business statistics.

Media release

You can read our commentary for this quarter in our media release.


Note: We report the business and non-business personal insolvency statistics based on the number of debtors, not the number of administrations. We treat insolvency proceedings involving two or more partners as one administration. The business and non-business statistics will generally be higher than statistics based on administrations, the quarterly personal insolvency statistics.

Release schedule

We publish all statistics release dates in advance.

Further information

For further information about the statistics, see the Guide to business and non-business personal insolvency statistics.