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Subject Matter A-Z Formal Guidance Other Guidance on AFSA website AFSA Form Legislation (Bankruptcy Act 1966 unless otherwise stated)
Advertising and promotional activities of personal insolvency practitioners IGPD4     Bankruptcy (Registered Debt Agreement Administrator Conditions) Determination 2020
Advertising meetings of creditors under section 73 & Part X IGPD21 Creditor Meeting Advertising webpage Notification to AFSA Sections 75-40 & 75-175-180 Insolvency Practice Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016
Annual administration returns (AARs) IGPS7 AAR Guide AAR Support Form Section 70-5 Schedule 2
Annual Trustee Return     Annual Trustee Return Section 30-1 of Schedule 2
Bankruptcy - how it ends OTPS4

When does my bankruptcy end?


How do I annul my bankruptcy?

End of bankruptcy confirmation – where trustee is Official Trustee

Section 149(4)

Section 74

Section 152

Section 153A

Regulation 39, 78 Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Bankruptcy - voluntary ORPS2

Applying for bankruptcy


Eligibility tool

Bankruptcy Form

Additional pages

Consent to Act

Section 55

Section 56B

Section 57

Reg 19  20 & 21  Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Bankruptcy by creditor action - sequestration order ORPS3 A creditor has made me bankrupt

Statement of Affairs (Bankruptcy Form)

Consent to Act

Section 43

Section 52

Section 54

Bankruptcy notice - applying for one ORPS6 Bankruptcy Notice Warning

Section 41

Regs 8-12 Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Bankruptcy Regulations 2021   Comparison table with 1996 regulations  

Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Indexed version

Choses in action OTPS6    

Section 58

Section 116

Section 100-5 of Schedule 2

Communication by practitioners IGPD22     Section 42-15 Insolvency Practice Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016
Complaints against practitioners and debtors IGPS10 Complaints & Reviews

Complaint Form

Tip-off Form





How do I annul my bankruptcy?


Meetings of Creditors Guidance

Notification to AFSA of Meeting

Notice of Special Resolution

Notice of variation, termination, completion or setting aside

Notice of special resolution

Assent/Dissent Form

Section 73

Section 74A

Section 75

Section 76

Section 76B

Sections 75-40, 75-60 & 75-175-180 Insolvency Practice Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Controlling trustees' roles and duties



Approved Course for Solicitors


Personal Insolvency Agreement Forms

Section 190

Section 190A

Reg 49

Reg 59

Reg 62

Reg 63

Reg 75

Debt Agreement - expenses recoverable IGPD3    

Registration Guidelines

Section 185LA

Debt agreement administrator guide to proper accounts IGPD15    

Registration Guidelines

Section 185LE

Debt agreement administrators' guidelines to certification requirements IGPD13 Sample Question & Answer for registration applicant  

Registration Guidelines

Section 185C

Debt agreements ORPS11 Treatment of leases in a debt agreement

Additional Information Sheet

Online Support Form for Administrators, Creditors

Prescribed Information

Section 185C

Part 9 of the Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Regulation 54

Debt agreements - 3-month arrears default IGPD17 Sample Question & Answer for registration applicant   Section 185LB
Debt agreements - 6-month arrears default IGPD16 Sample Question & Answer for registration applicant  

Section 185LC

Section 185QA

Debts in bankruptcy OTPS8

What happens to my debts

Debt Comparison Table

Proof of debt

Section 82

Section 109

Reg 24 & 26  Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Deceased persons – bankruptcy ORPS5 Make Someone bankrupt

Statement of Affairs – Part XI

Consent to Act

Part XI Regulation 75 Bankruptcy Regulations 2021
Disciplinary action against debt agreement administrators IGPS9    

Section 186K

Section 186L

Disciplinary action against trustees



  Notice by industry body of grounds for disciplinary action

Section 40-40 of Schedule 2

Section 40-1 Insolvency Practices Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Duties of a bankruptcy trustee IGPD14 Ongoing Obligations and Standards  

Section 19

Division 42 Insolvency Practices Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Fees & charges of AFSA   Fees & Charges  

Reg 107

Bankruptcy (Fees & Remuneration) Determination 2015

Part XV commencing section 278

Bankruptcy (Estate Charges) Act 1997

Bankruptcy (Estate Charges) (Amount of Charge Payable) Determination 2015

Part 15 of the Bankruptcy Regulations 2021 commencing Reg 97

Filing Requirements for practitioners, debtors & creditors   Filing Requirements  

Section 277B

Regs75 and 76  Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Fit & proper requirements for personal insolvency practitioners IGPS19    

Paragraph  186C(2)(g)

Sections 186K & 186L

Section 40-40(1)(n) Schedule 2

Funds handling and keeping records - trustees



  Form 2 – Account of Receipts & Payments

Division 65 of Schedule 2

Division 65 of the Insolvency Practice Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Section 185LE

Reg 25 42 & 43 of the Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Income contributions OTPS1


Indexed Amounts


Supervised Accounts

Income & employment

PIR Article s.139Y

PIR Article Objection to Discharge

Supervised Account Notice 

Supervised Account Determination

Supervised account regime attachment

Revocation of supervised account regime attachment

Request by bankrupt for review

Schedule to s.139ZL Notice

OR Notices Online

Division 4B

Part 6 Division 6, 7 & 8 of the Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Independence of practitioners IGPD1 Best Practice Report  

Section 42-20 Insolvency Practice Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Sections 60-20 & 60-21 of Schedule 2

Infringement notices IGPS18 Filing Requirements  

Section 277B

Part 14 Division 2 Bankruptcy Regulations 2021 commencing Reg 89

Inspecting documents filed with the Official Receiver ORPS9   Public Document Search

Section 54

Section 55

Section 56G

Section 57

Section 185EB

Section 185MB

Section 185PB

Section 188B

Section 226

Meetings of Creditors

(see also Compositions)



Casting Vote Flowchart

About meetings of creditors

Appointment of proxy

Notice of proposal to creditors without a meeting

Notice of Meeting

Attendance Register

Statement of Claim

Division 75 Schedule 2

Division 75 Insolvency Practice Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Monitoring and inspection of bankruptcy trustees and debt agreement administrators IGPS11    

Section 12

Section 19B

National Personal Insolvency Index ORPS8   Application for information not to be on the NPII Part 13 of the  Bankruptcy Regulations 2021
Objections to discharge from bankruptcy



Grounds v Offences Request by bankrupt for review

Subdivision B of Division 2 of Part VII commencing s.149B

Part 7 of the Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Offences against the Bankruptcy Act 1966 IGPS14 Grounds v Offences Referral Form Part XIV
Official Receiver notices ORPS7 Online Services Guide OR Notices online Sections 77C 77CA 81A 139ZL 139ZQ
Personal insolvency agreement ORPS4  


Prescribed Information

Proposal forms

Notice of special resolution

Notice of variation, termination, completion or setting aside

Part X commencing s.187

Part 10 of the Bankruptcy Regulations 2021

Property in bankruptcy OTPS2 Dealing with crypto currency Notice of demand by trustee to bankrupt to pay trustee

Section 58

Section 116

Divisions 3-5 of Part VI

Reg 27, 28, 2930, 32

Reg 113

Realisations and interest charge IGPD2   Apply for refund

Part XV commencing section 278

Bankruptcy (Estate Charges) Act 1997

Bankruptcy (Estate Charges) (Amount of Charge Payable) Determination 2015

Part 15 of the Bankruptcy Regulation 2021 commencing Reg 97

Registration of debt agreement administrators IGPS4

Practice Interview Questions

Areas of expected knowledge for an RDAA

Individual application

Company application

 Application to renew registration

Apply to change conditions

Surrender of Registration Form

Registration Guidelines

Section 186B

Section 186C

Section 186D

Part 9

Registration of trustees IGPS13 Practice Interview Questions

Apply for registration


Apply to change conditions

Application by trustee to Inspector-General to cancel or suspend registration

Notification of Significant Event

Division 20 of Schedule 2

Division 20 Insolvency Practices Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Remuneration & costs of trustees - review IGPS16   Request for review

Subdivisions A & B of Division 90

 Insolvency Practices Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Remuneration entitlements of a registered bankruptcy trustee IGPD6

Historical Provisions Table

Best Practice Report

Request for review Division 60 of Schedule 2
Remuneration notifications by trustees IGPD18    

Sections 70-35 – 70-47

Insolvency Practices Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Remuneration of Trustees - approval by the Inspector-General in Bankruptcy IGPS15   Application

Part 3 Division 60

Insolvency Practices Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Reviews of trustees' decisions by the Inspector-General in Bankruptcy IGPS12   Various forms

Sections  139T(12) 139ZA 139ZIO 149K Regulation 46

Subdivisions A & B of Division 90

Insolvency Practices Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016

Section 50 interim control orders OTPS7    

Section 50

Regulation 14-17

Secured creditors in a Part IX debt agreement ORPS11     Section 185XA
Temporary Debt Protection ORPS1 What is temporary debt protection? Temporary Debt Protection Form

Part IV Division 2A

Commencing s. 54A

Travel overseas - requesting consent (only if trustee is the Official Trustee) OTPS3   Application Section 272
Unclaimed moneys – paying & claiming ORPS10 Claim Unclaimed Monies

Unclaimed Monies Claim

Unpaid Monies Payment Form

Section 254

Reg 72

Void transactions in bankruptcy



Section 139ZQ notice – evidence for a section 121 claim  

Reg 31

Sections 120,121, 121A 122, ,128B,128C