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2023 APS Employee Census results

In the 2023 APS Employee Census AFSA achieved a response rate of 90%. This high participation rate provides insights into our employee’s experience of work, and provides a reliable data set that informs enhancements to current programs, as well as the design and delivery of future employee-centred initiatives.

For AFSA, participation in the APS Employee Census provides an assessment of our agency’s performance across a number of critical indicators: employee engagement, wellbeing, innovation, leadership and communication. In 2023, AFSA improved or maintained every indicator.

The 2023 results have highlighted that AFSA staff:

  • are engaged and motivated, proud to work in the agency and committed to achieving AFSA’s goals
  • feel included and supported, particularly with access to flexible working arrangements
  • are inspired to innovate and strongly believe in the continuous improvement of processes, practices and ways of working
  • believe their health and wellbeing is a priority for their supervisor and the agency.

AFSA continues to utilise staff feedback to make AFSA a great place to work and an employer of choice. The 2023 census results will continue to shape AFSA’s workforce strategies and initiatives relating to wellbeing, talent development, culture, innovation and employee engagement.

AFSA Census 2023 – PDF

AFSA Census 2023 – XLSX

We have prepared an action plan that steps out how AFSA will continue to improve the working environment for our people.

AFSA Agency Action Plan 2023

2023 Agency action plan

AFSA is committed to providing a positive work environment that is safe, learning and inclusive. In response to the feedback we’ve heard from you, we have prepared an AFSA Census action plan that identifies practical ways we can continue to improve your work environment.

This year, as part of the Australian Government’s APS Reform agenda, APS agencies are required to develop, publish and implement an agency-level action plan informed by their APS Employee Census results.

AFSA’s action plan aligns to existing strategies and programs of work including our Corporate Plan and our response to our self-initiated Agency Capability Review.

Progress against the action plan will be reported throughout the year to our Executive Committee. Improvements and achievements will be measured through AFSA’s results in the 2024 APS Employee Census.

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