Quarterly personal insolvency statistics

We publish quarterly and annual personal insolvency statistics on bankruptcies, debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements for all states and territories.

  • There were 2,621 personal insolvencies in the September quarter 2021. These were comprised of:
    • 1,617 bankruptcies
    • 966 debt agreements
    • 35 personal insolvency agreements
    • 3 insolvent deceased estates
  • In the September quarter 2021, 90% of bankruptcies were by debtor’s petition (voluntary). The remaining bankruptcies were by sequestration order (involuntary).

Download the data

You can download all our data for the quarter in this single zip file.

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Changes to statistics

We have made the following change to our statistics in the December quarter 2020:

  • introduced minor revisions to our statistics
  • expanded our statistics on bankruptcies
  • enhanced consistency.

Revisions to quarterly personal insolvency statistics

We have introduced minor revisions to our quarterly time series on personal insolvencies. Most of these revisions affect the date that we report bankruptcies by sequestration order (involuntary bankruptcies). Previously, we reported on these matters when we became aware of them. We now report them based on the date that the court granted a sequestration order. This is consistent with how we report our other types of personal insolvency.

Expanded bankruptcy statistics

We have expanded our bankruptcy statistics to provide quarterly statistics on bankruptcies by:

  • debtor’s petition (voluntary bankruptcy)
  • sequestration order (involuntary bankruptcy).

We previously reported insolvent deceased estates in our bankruptcy statistics. We now report these separately.

Enhanced consistency

We have discontinued our time series on personal insolvency administrations. We now report on the number of people involved. If two or more people were involved in an insolvency proceeding, we reported this as a single administration in the personal insolvency administration statistics. As a result, these statistics were always lower than our other statistics. Our other statistics reported the number of people involved in insolvency proceedings. We have now removed this inconsistency.

To help you navigate this change, we previously reported the number of:

  • administrations as “Personal insolvency statistics”. We no longer publish this.
  • people in “Business and non-business statistics”. We now publish this as “Quarterly personal insolvency statistics”.

Media release

You can read our commentary for this quarter in our media release.


Annual statistics

We publish annual statistics on a financial year basis for personal insolvency, including bankruptcies, insolvent deceased estates, debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements.

Release schedule

We publish all statistics release dates in advance.

Further information

For further information about the statistics, see the Guide to quarterly personal insolvency statistics.