Can I hide my details that appear on the National Personal Insolvency Index?

If your safety is at risk, you can request to hide your address from the National Personal Insolvency Index[?] (NPII).

However, we cannot hide your name and date of birth.

Eligibility to make a request

AFSA will consider requests to withhold your address from being published on the National Personal Insolvency Index in limited circumstances, such as if you:

  • have had a domestic violence order or apprehended violence order granted to protect you
  • are in a witness protection programme.

Making the request

You need to complete a Request for information to not be on the NPII form and you must provide evidence to support your request.

Evidence to support your request can include:

  • domestic violence order or similar
  • police report regarding threats of personal violence
  • report from a social worker, medical practitioner or relevant practitioner
  • evidence you are in a witness protection programme.

People who can make this request:

  • yourself
  • the relevant police department
  • someone else on your behalf - e.g. a financial counsellor.

Witness protection

If you are in a witness protection programme and enter bankruptcy (or any insolvency option) we won't list any:

  • former name
  • alias or
  • address that could identify you.

Next step:

Complete the form below to make the request.

If you are applying for bankruptcy, you must submit your request at the same time as your Bankruptcy Form. If you do not submit your request with your Bankruptcy Form and your bankruptcy application is accepted, your full details may be published on the NPII.

You can submit your request by creating an Online Services account. Just attach your request using the form below and evidence at the same time that you submit your Bankruptcy Form.

If you are unable to create an Online Services account and want to submit a request to hide your details, please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

We will inform you of the outcome of your request in writing.

Form - Request for information to not be displayed on the NPII

For information about the Official Receiver's current practice regarding suppression of information on the NPII see Official Receiver Practice Statement 8 – The National Personal Insolvency Index.