Can I hide my details that appear on the National Personal Insolvency Index?

If your safety is at risk, you can request to hide your address from the National Personal Insolvency Index[?] (NPII).

However, we cannot hide your name and date of birth.

Witness protection

If you are in a witness protection programme and enter bankruptcy (or any insolvency option) we won't list any:

  • former name
  • alias or
  • address that could identify you.

Making the request

You need to complete an application form and provide evidence to support your request.

People who can make this request:

  • yourself
  • the relevant police department
  • someone else on your behalf - e.g. a financial counsellor.

Evidence to support your request can include:

  • Domestic violence order or similar.
  • Police report regarding threats of personal violence.
  • Report from a social worker, medical practitioner or relevant practitioner.
  • Evidence you are in a witness protection programme.

We inform you of the outcome in writing.

Next step:

Complete the form below to make the request. You can send us a document or form online.