Scam alert: Fake AFSA 'Extension of more time granted' email

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AFSA has been made aware of a fake email that appears on our letterhead and includes the name of a senior AFSA employee.

The scam email, which has the subject line (Extension of more time granted), suggests that a time extension will be granted following the payment of a fee of AUD$32,800 for the issuing of an ‘FCC certificate’ and requests that the payments be made in two parts.

It also requests copies of deposit slips as proof of payment and then the ‘FCC Certificate’ and inheritance funds of more than $24 million will be released within 2 hours.

If you are contacted unexpectedly, make sure you assess the letter or email closely – poor spelling and unusual language can be indications of a scam. For example, a recent scam letter incorrectly referred to AFSA as the Australian Financial Services Authority throughout the document.

Government agencies including AFSA will never ask you to pay money upfront to claim refunds or transfers.

For more information about scams, including how to report suspected scams, visit Report an AFSA impersonation scam.

Example of scam email with information redacted