When does my bankruptcy end?

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When does my bankruptcy end?

If you apply for bankruptcy, it normally ends 3 years and 1 day from when we accept your bankruptcy application.

If a creditor makes you bankrupt, it normally ends 3 years and 1 day after you file a statement of affairs that we accept.

We refer to this as being discharged from bankruptcy.

You don't need to apply to be discharged from bankruptcy, this is an automatic process.

How can I find out when my bankruptcy ends?

If your bankruptcy is administered by the Official Trustee (AFSA), you can find out when your bankruptcy is expected to end by completing the End of bankruptcy enquiry online form available below. 

If you bankruptcy is administered by a registered trustee, contact your trustee to find out your expected bankruptcy end date. 

Can my trustee extend my bankruptcy?

In some cases your trustee can extend your bankruptcy. We call this an objection to discharge from bankruptcy.

For more information see Can my trustee extend my bankruptcy?

Can I finish bankruptcy early?

You can apply to annul your bankruptcy. This may involve paying your debts in full, making an offer to creditors or applying to the court.

For more information see How do I annul my bankruptcy?

Next step:

End of bankruptcy enquiries and discharge letters are available from AFSA for bankruptcies administered by the Official Trustee (AFSA) only.

If your bankruptcy is administered by a registered trustee, contact your trustee to request your expected bankruptcy end date or confirm your bankruptcy has ended.