Personal insolvencies fell 52.9% in the March quarter 2021

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Graphs presenting the new personal insolvencies recorded for the March quarter of 2021. To quickly grasp the figures, consult the summarized information provided below. For a more comprehensive breakdown, refer to the workbooks available on the Quarterly Personal Insolvency Statistics page.

In the March quarter 2021, personal insolvency fell 52.9% compared to the March quarter 2020, according to the latest personal insolvency statistics released by Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA).

There were 2,545 personal insolvencies in the March quarter 2021, a 52.9% fall compared to the March quarter 2020. There were falls in all states and territories. The number of personal insolvencies rose 5.8% compared to the December quarter 2020.

By type of personal insolvency:

  • bankruptcies fell by 47.3%
  • debtor’s petitions, a subset of bankruptcies, fell by 45.1%
  • sequestration orders, a subset of bankruptcies, fell by 79.5%
  • debt agreements fell by 61.4%
  • personal insolvency agreements fell by 55.3%.

In the March quarter 2021, 30.8% of bankruptcies were business related, a fall from 37.3% in the March quarter 2020.

In the March quarter 2021, 23.3% of all personal insolvencies were business related.

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