Our redesigned PPSR website is live

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The redeveloped Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) website launched on 26 August 2020, following extensive research, consultation and testing with users.

We released a public beta version of the new website in July – giving people the opportunity to test out the new service and provide feedback, to help us continue to refine the site.

Since the release of the beta site, we’ve made further changes based on user research to ensure the new PPSR website provides an improved experience, making it easier to find information and access our services.

In addition to improving the design and structure of the PPSR website, we have rewritten key content to improve accessibility and deliver simpler, clearer and faster government services.

Explore the new PPSR website

Now that the new website is live, we’ll continue to test and refine.

You can provide your feedback to help us continue to improve the site, using the form at the bottom of all pages on the PPSR website.

If you have any questions about the new PPSR website or need help contact us.