New personal insolvency laws apply to Norfolk Island

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From 2 August 2021, the Territories Legislation Amendment Act 2020 will bring a range of new laws including personal insolvency to Norfolk Island.

Changes from 2 August 2021

From 2 August 2021, Australian personal insolvency laws will apply to Norfolk Islanders. Australian personal insolvency laws are outlined in the Bankruptcy Act 1966 and the Bankruptcy Amendment Regulations 2020.

AFSA’s role

The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) is the Australian Government agency responsible for managing the personal insolvency system. AFSA is responsible for communicating the details of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 including our role, responsibilities and obligations.

More information and resources

If you are a Norfolk Islander facing financial distress, you will be able to access the formal personal insolvency proceedings available under the Bankruptcy Act.

If you are considering applying for bankruptcy or need information about the available formal personal insolvency options, please visit our website to find out more. We also provide resources and support for those who are currently bankrupt or in other formal proceedings, as well as creditors who are owed money.

AFSA has a range of resources and options available to help people experiencing financial distress including:

Norfolk Islanders are welcome to speak to AFSA about their personal situation. We are currently finalising a local number for Norfolk Islanders to call; in the interim, please email your details to and one of our team will phone you back.

For financial counselling, help us available via the National Debt Helpline’s live chat function. Alternatively, you can access support from Anglicare by calling 51644 or 22232.