Have your say on AFSA’s Vulnerability Framework

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AFSA has an important role to play in supporting people experiencing vulnerability. With many of our users already in financial distress when they enter our systems, the risk of vulnerability is higher – even without considering additional and compounding circumstances such as low literacy levels, mental illness and domestic violence. 

We want users to have access to the right information, at the right time, with the right level of support to reflect their situation, via the right channel for them. 

Our proposed vulnerability framework focuses on delivering world-class services to all our users, and providing extra support to those that need it. The framework will guide us to identify, prioritise and address system vulnerabilities, and sets out a plan to help us target out efforts over the next three years. 

We’re inviting your feedback and comments on the proposed framework before its finalisation.  
Follow the link below and have your say by Friday 24 June 2022.  

AFSA’s Vulnerability Framework