AFSA trials use of Digital Identity for individuals accessing Online Services

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From 11 August 2021, AFSA has introduced digital identity as a public Beta; a simple, safe and fast way to access government services. This means people can use their digital identity to access a range of government services including logging into AFSA’s Online Services.

Digital identity allows people to prove who they are online and digital identity can be re-used again and again. It’s similar to a 100-point identity check undertaken in a post office or bank branch. 

The login and authentication processes for AFSA’s Online Services was previously bespoke to AFSA. From 11 August 2021, digital identity was implemented for some of AFSA’s registration and login processes. Users will have the option to use their digital identity to access our bankruptcy services including applying for bankruptcy or temporary debt protections.

AFSA has worked in collaboration with the Digital Transformation Agency to implement this new approach and to fulfil the Commonwealth Government’s mandate to improve digital services to make them simple, safe and fast.

For more information, visit Digital Identity or call 1300 364 785.