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Consumer credit legal services

Consumer credit legal services offer free advice and resources for consumers in financial stress - they focus on the area of consumer credit – for example issues with credit cards, debts or repayments.

Get legal advice to represent yourself in court

If you need to attend the Federal Court or the Federal Circuit Court for a bankruptcy matter and cannot afford legal representation, there is help available from National Self Representation Service.

The National Self-Representation Service is a federally funded program provided by these four organisations:

The Service can provide you with an appointment with a lawyer, during which you can receive:

  • assistance to ensure you have the documents and information required to appear in court
  • legal advice
  • help to correctly prepare documents and complete court forms
  • advice on dispute resolution options and
  • an explanation of court processes.

Please note: the Self Representation Service provides discrete assistance with particular tasks; it does not provide representation.

Australian Federal Courts

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