Bankruptcy Online - what's changing?

We are simplifying the process to apply for bankruptcy, combining the Statement of Affairs and Debtor's Petition forms and moving this service online.

The updated forms will be available via the new Bankruptcy Online portal from 2 January 2020. After this date, users will be not be able to submit the current paper Debtor's Petition and Statement of Affairs forms to apply for bankruptcy, or if they have been made bankrupt by a creditor.

We have completed user research and testing to inform and shape improvements to this service.

Updated Statement of Affairs form

The Statement of Affairs form has changed significantly. We have reduced the number of questions and simplified the language to improve data quality and the user experience.

For people applying for bankruptcy we have combined the Statement of Affairs and Debtor's Petition into one form. This streamlines the service and removes the need for a user to complete two separate forms.

See examples of the new

Moving services online

This service is also moving online and can be accessed through the new online portal. Users will be able to complete the proof of identify requirements and submit their bankruptcy application online.

Clients made bankrupt by a creditor will also be able to complete their Statement of Affairs form through the online portal.

The online portal will:

  • Increase transparency of the application process allowing users to check in on the progress of their application. 
  • Allow users to download and save the form and complete it over multiple sessions.
  • Simplify the service to make it easier and more accessible for users.

For more information see Bankruptcy Online frequently asked questions or Bankruptcy Online frequently asked questions for registered trustees and practitioners

Other information and forms being updated include:

  • Consent to Act
  • Authorised witness process
  • Request for information to not be on the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII)
  • Prescribed information

Previous consultation

The following initiatives were previously open for feedback on AFSAsandpit and are now closed.

AFSAsandpit: You spoke, we listened - Statement of Affairs

AFSAsandpit: Help us improve the Statement of Affairs

Consent to Act form