PPSR - Amending a registration

What can and can't be changed?

Registration details that can be changed include:

  • the duration (shorten or extend) 
  • discharging by changing the end date/time to now
  • add/remove a grantor
  • changing the free text description of collateral 

Registration details that cannot be changed include:

Click here to see a full list of what can and cannot be amended.

To amend your registrations you will need to log into the PPSR and have the registration number and token, or secured party group number and access code handy.
Is there a fee?

It's free of charge to make minor amendments, such as shortening the duration time, removing a grantor, and discharging a registration. If you need to amend your registration to extend the duration time or add a grantor, fees start from $6.

For further information see: www.ppsr.gov.au/fees

To find out how to amend a registration see: www.ppsr.gov.au/amend-registration