Discharging a registration

When reviewing your registrations, you may decide that your registration no longer needs to be on the PPSR.

It's free to discharge a registration.

What will you need to discharge a registration?

  • registration number and token OR
  • secured party group number and access code

If you no longer have access to these details, see: www.ppsr.gov.au/secured-party-group-access-code-reset or www.ppsr.gov.au/registration-token-reset

Registrations should be discharged in a timely manner, but some have legislated timeframes. For example, if your registration is for serial-numbered goods (such as a car), you must remove the registration within 5 business days once the debt is settled.

You can only discharge one registration at a time. Once it is discharged you cannot amend it or undo, so make sure you check all the details before you discharge so you don't make a mistake.

For further information see: www.ppsr.gov.au/discharging-registration