Case study: Alisha

During bankruptcy - travel

Alisha is a 39-year old real estate agent and mother from Western Australia. Alisha works part-time and rents a house in Perth with her partner.

Alisha was the higher income earner in her household, but when she went on maternity leave, her family struggled to keep up with their living expenses. She began relying on credit cards.

Alisha’s debt spiralled, and even when she returned to work part-time, she was unable to maintain the repayments. Alisha applied for bankruptcy. Her trustee is the Official Trustee (AFSA).

In the second year of her bankruptcy, Alisha needed to travel to New Zealand to attend a conference for work. During bankruptcy, you must get permission from your trustee to travel overseas.

Alisha went onto the AFSA website, completed the travel form and paid the fee. AFSA assessed Alisha’s application and sent her a letter confirming she had permission to travel. Alisha carried the letter with her when she travelled to New Zealand.

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