Practice Guidance

We have developed practice statements to assist users by explaining how the law should be interpreted and to provide guidance on specific insolvency practices.

Information you can find on this page includes how the:

  • Inspector-General in Bankruptcy will exercise specific powers.
  • Official Trustee carries out its trustee duties and how decisions are made in the administration of bankrupt estates.
  • Official Receiver performs functions and exercises powers.
  • Inspector-General in Bankruptcy expects practitioners to exercise their powers and comply with their duties.

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  • Inspector General Practice Direction / IGPD. What trustees and debt agreement administrators need to do and how they need to do it.
  • Inspector General Practice Statement / IGPS. How AFSA (the Inspector-General) does its regulatory work.
  • Official Receiver Practice Statement / ORPS: How AFSA (the Official Receiver) does its registry work, and requirements for the issue of statutory notices to assist trustees.
  • Official Trustee Practice Statement / OTPS. How AFSA (the Official Trustee) administers bankrupt estates.