Official Trustee Practice Statements

Title Date of release Last updated
OTPS1 PDF icon Income contributions February 2008 October 2019
OTPS2 PDF icon Application of section 125 of the Bankruptcy Act where an estate is administered by the Official Trustee July 2009 January 2020
OTPS3 PDF icon Overseas travel in bankrupt estates administered by the Official Trustee March 2013 June 2019
OTPS4 PDF icon The end of a bankrupt's period of bankruptcy March 2013 October 2019
OTPS5 PDF icon Objections to discharge from bankruptcy October 2014 January 2020
OTPS6 PDF icon Choses in action July 2016 May 2019
OTPS7 PDF icon Section 50 interim control orders September 2016 October 2019
OTPS8 PDF icon Treatment of debts in bankruptcy May 2018 January 2020