Proof of debt - Form 8

What is a proof of debt form?

A Proof of Debt (POD) is a form completed by a creditor which details how much the creditor is owed. Creditors can be invited to lodge a POD in a bankrupt estate should the trustee expect a dividend to be paid. A POD includes supporting information to prove the debt is owed.

If there is money available from the bankrupt person’s estate due to the sale of any assets or the bankrupt person makes compulsory payments, the trustee will let you know. Before paying you any money, we require you to lodge a POD form. You only need to lodge a POD if the trustee asks you to.

Use the online form if the Official Trustee is the trustee of the bankrupt person’s estate.

Online form

Use the Form 8 Proof of Debt form (PDF) if the trustee of the bankrupt person’s estate is a registered trustee and send it to the registered trustee.


Once the trustee accepts the POD, you may receive a dividend.

For more information see your rights as a creditor.