What is the NPII?

An introduction to the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII).

The National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) is the permanent public record of personal insolvencies. It does not include any information on company liquidations or administrations.

The NPII provides information about individuals who have been subject to proceedings under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 from August 1928.

Personal information recorded on the NPII record includes:

  • the name, date of birth (if known), residential address and occupation as disclosed on documents accepted by the Official Receiver
  • previous names and aliases (if known)
  • the type of proceeding, the date it started and the administration number
  • the name and contact details of the trustee or administrator of the proceeding
  • the current status of the person and/or the proceeding. For example whether a person is discharged from bankruptcy or whether a creditor’s petition for a person’s bankruptcy is in progress.

NPII glossary

The NPII glossary explains the terms used in the NPII.
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