Lodge a temporary debt protection (TDP) form

Once we accept your application, temporary debt protection provides a 21 day protection period in which unsecured creditors (including sheriffs) can’t take enforcement action to recover money you owe them. This means they can’t garnish your wages or have the sheriff/bailiff seize your goods.

Before you apply

Make sure you consider the following:

How to apply

  • Create an Online Services account
  • Access the TDP form on your dashboard in your Online Services account 
  • Complete the form as best you can. If you are not certain about exact amounts, you can enter an estimated amount
  • Submit your form in your Online Services account

If you're unable to create an Online Services account, you need to do the following:

  • contact us to request a copy of the paper form
  • make sure you’ve completed all sections
  • sign the declaration
  • submit the form by post to:

Australian Financial Security Authority
GPO Box 1550

Note: your form will be processed faster if you create an Online Services account and complete the form online, rather than post a paper form.

Once we receive your application

  • We treat it as a priority.
  • If we accept it, your 21 day protection period starts and we'll send you and your creditors confirmation in writing.
  • This confirmation contains your AFSA administration number[?]. Your creditors may ask for this.
  • If we don't accept your application, we will notify you in writing.