Our new website menu navigation

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We're excited to introduce our redesigned website menu, now live on our website. This new navigation tool simplifies finding essential information, ensuring our clients can make informed decisions with ease.

The updated main menu layout presents information in a clear and logical way and makes it easier for people on any device.

Why the change? 

We conducted in-depth user research to understand how accessible and inclusive our website is. The findings provided recommendations, including improving the menu navigation and making it easier to find some of the most important information.

You can learn more about afsa.gov.au at About our site.

What hasn’t changed?

The update will change the way the main menu looks, but it won’t affect any of the following:

  • links or URLs
  • your bookmarked pages
  • where content lives on our website
  • the sidebar menu navigation

Share your thoughts 

Your feedback is important to us as we continue to improve the experience for website visitors. Please let us know what you think about our new menu using the feedback form below.