Find out if someone is bankrupt

To find out if someone is bankrupt perform a search using our online service - Bankruptcy Register Search (BRS).

The BRS searches the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) - a permanent public record of personal insolvencies in Australia.

Steps to make someone bankrupt

If a person (or debtor) owes you or your business $10,000 or more, you may be able to apply to make them bankrupt. However, we suggest before making someone bankrupt that you first try to negotiate an informal payment agreement.

This is the process to make a person bankrupt:

  1.   Get a court judgement or order
  2.   Apply for a bankruptcy notice
  3.   Serve the bankruptcy notice
  4.   File a creditor's petition with the courts
  5.   The sequestration order

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Your rights as a creditor in a debt agreement

If you've received a debt agreement proposal, someone who owes you money (a debtor) is making a formal offer to renegotiate payments. They base their offer on what they can afford.

A debt agreement administrator assists the debtor to prepare the proposal. We'll invite you to vote on the proposal and give us information about the debt.

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