Uploading bankruptcy documents - troubleshooting

When uploading attachments to submit with your Bankruptcy Form make sure it is:

  • a valid file format that we will accept
  • not affected by malicious software
  • within the file size limit.

If you experience an error message when you upload an attachment, follow the steps below.

Make sure the file being uploaded is an accepted format

When uploading an attachment, the file must be a file format that we can accept.

The file formats that we can accept are:

.csv .doc .docx
gif .htm .html
.ico .jpeg .jpg
.odp .ods .odt
.png .pdf .ppt
.pptx .rtf .svg
.tif .tiff .txt
.vsd .webp .xhtml
.xls .xlsx .xml

If the file that you are attempting to upload is not one of these, we cannot accept the file. You may need to convert the file to one of the format types listed above so that we may accept the attachments with your application.

Make sure the file being uploaded is not affected by malicious software

When a file is uploaded as an attachment our computer system will perform necessary security checks to detect malicious software that may pose a risk to our systems and data.

You can check for malicious software by scanning your file with an antivirus program before you upload.

Make sure the file and amount of files being uploaded is within the limits

The individual file size limit for uploading attachments is 10MB and 21MB across your application. Our system is unable to upload attachments that exceed this limit.

If your file exceeds this limit you can reduce the file size by splitting the large document into separate documents, or using a more efficient file type. 

The limit of amount of files is 20 individual files across your application. The files you upload should only relate to the circumstances mentioned below, you do not need to upload any else with your application.

Make sure that the file being uploaded is appropriate for the given question

There are a number of places where we will ask you to attach a file to support you application. These are when:

  • You have consent from a specific registered trustee to manage your bankruptcy. We will expect a signed copy of the Trustee Consent to Act Declaration to be uploaded here.

  • You have selected the “Yes” checkbox that your safety is likely to be at risk if your address and/or occupation appears on the National Personal Insolvency Index and have indicated that you have evidence you wish to provide in support of your request.

  • You need to provide evidence of your connection to Australia. If you need to provide evidence you will need to provide documentary evidence that supports your Australian connection, which may include:

    • travel itinerary showing travels to and from Australia
    • evidence of overseas employment
    • most recent Australian tax return.
  • You are applying for bankruptcy as part of business partnership. You must provide documentary evidence relating to the financial affairs of the partnership such as:

    • profit and loss statements
    • balance sheet
    • taxation documents.

Only in the circumstances mentioned above will we expect a file to be uploaded to support your application. Do not try to upload any other documents that aren’t related to the circumstances mentioned above.

Make sure your internet connection is stable

You must have a stable internet connection for the file to be loaded from your device to our servers. Interruption during this action may cause the upload to fail. When uploading your files, check that the internet connection you are using is stable.

What do I do if I can’t upload an attachment?

If you have tried the steps above and still cannot upload the attachment, then your device could be the cause of the issue. A further option could be to re-attempt submission using a different device to upload your application and attachments.

If you are still unable to successfully upload an attachment after following the above steps, please contact us for further options.