Transitioning from AUSkey to myGovID for AFSA B2G users

AFSA is now ready to use myGovID machine credentials for B2G machine-to-machine (M2M) authentication.

AFSA will be running both AUSkey and myGovID in parallel until 25 March 2020, at which point AUSkey will no longer be available to use for AFSA services.

Transition steps:

  1. Obtain a myGovID for your organisation.
  2. Once you have a myGovID account, you will need to get a “machine credential” by logging into ATO’s Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM),
  3. Once you have your new myGovID machine credential, you will need to replace the old AUSkey credential in your xml file with the new myGovID one.
  4. You will then have to modify the configuration of your .net client, changing:
  5. Note: the first time you use your myGovID machine credential, you will get a response saying the “Device is not authorised…”.
  6. The person in your organisation that has an administration user account, will need to login into the Online Insolvency Portal and grant B2G permissions for the new device, for example:
    • Perform B2G Debt Agreement as ACME Pty Ltd (Registered DAA)
    • Perform B2G Bankruptcy Register Searches for ACME Pty Ltd (Registered DAA)

More information:

The ATO has published information about the new B2G authentication solution for reference on their developer portal.​​​​​​

AFSA’s B2G mailbox (ICTB2GSupport [at] will be the first point of contact for technical discussions regarding the transition for AFSA’s B2G channel.

For further information on this new solution please visit: